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As a current or potential purchaser of a HUD Home you might want to know more than your neighbor about HUD and what a HUD home is. Click here to get a run-down of today’s HUD and gain information that will help you to be informed with your purchase.

HUD Programs & Incentive
HUD offers many programs to promote homeownership and the selling of HUD properties across the country! Click here and find one what works for you as a buyer, broker, agent or just for the simple pleasure of knowing.

Real Estate Professional
As a vendor or broker do you wonder how to make sure you are on top of your game and stay at the peak of the ever evolving climate of the REO industry? Have you thought of Selling or Listing HUD Homes? Click here to learn more about how you can get involved.

With so much information out there today you might not know where to look! Click here to find the basic facts that all people involved with HUD transactions should know.

Social Media
We have arranged all of our shared content from around the web and filled this page with the most important information for an easy, one stop, social shop.

PEMCO offers many tools to help in the purchasing, selling and marketing of HUD properties! Click here to see many helpful videos that walk, talk and lead you in the right direction in purchasing and marketing of HUD Homes!

People over time have asked PEMCO many questions about purchasing a HUD Home and we would like to share those with you! If you have a question we have an answer or can help you to find one. Click here to see if someone else has asked what is on your mind!

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