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John H. Yamamoto, BCE, MBA, is the Chairman, CEO, and Principal Broker of PEMCO, Ltd.

Mr. Yamamoto has been responsible for the marketing and management of HUD-owned properties in the states of Hawaii, California, Georgia, and Guam combined for over ten years. He directs the overall corporate contract performance, ensuring all resources of the company are available to all of our contracts. Mr. Yamamoto has served as the Chief Executive Officer of PEMCO for the past 25 years with over 40 years of personnel experience as an executive of real estate, engineering, construction, and facility management companies.

Mr. Yamamoto is a professional engineer holding a RME contractor’s license and a Real Estate Broker’s license with over 40 years of experience in real estate, engineering, and construction industries. Mr. Yamamoto has managed technical services companies in senior corporate management positions as well as project management of individual projects. Projects ranged from highly complex multi-million dollar projects as well as resolving problems that rise on single, multiple, and commercial properties.

In 1999, PEMCO, Ltd. became Real Estate Asset Manager (REAM) for The US Department of HUD providing Management and Marketing (M&M) services. PEMCO, Ltd. transformed into its Real Estate Management Services and today manages and operates four office locations in the states of Hawaii, California, Colorado, and Georgia.

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